Friday, 27 February 2015


Johnny dragged the trestle table into the room. He laid out a jug of tap water and a couple of glasses, he erected the poster he’d photoshopped on to a stand and had one last look at his notes. A middle aged couple entered the room and sat down in the two chairs he’d put out earlier. “Thanks for coming” Johnny said  “Today I’d like to pitch to you my most exciting project yet.” The couple listened intently. “Who here has ever been in Love. Exactly. We all have. Love is the most powerful emotion we have. Everybody knows what it is and everybody wants to be in it” “How much money is this going to cost me?” asked the seated man. “15k” A look of horror overcame the mans face. “10k” the reaction was better but still lacked conviction. “It’s about love” He said. “It’s a big subject but I think I can bring a new perspective to it. Man meets woman. Woman meets man. Man likes woman but woman likes women. Man tries to convince woman to like man. Does woman really like man?” He felt like he was losing them. “I could do it for 5k and reckon that would be be paid back within a year of release” The woman wrote this down. “I’d write and direct but I don’t think I’d be in it this time, I’ve learnt from making The Neutralizer.” “Is anyone attached?” the woman asked. “No ones confirmed but I’ve been speaking to some people”  He picked up his notes he felt like he was losing them. “Throughout the ages men and women have yearned to be loved and in love. Love is relatable, accessible and has mass appeal. Once you’ve seen this film you will fall in love with love all over again. If you invest it will be an everlasting love that will lead to increased DVD sales, licensing deals in foreign territories and opportunities to utilize multi channel digital platforms. It’s a story as old as time that will feel like you’ve heard it for the first time today, it’s About Love.”

He put his notes on the trestle table and poured himself a glass of water. The couple went over their notes and spoke in hushed tones to each other. “Well, what do you think?” The man stood up and cleared his throat. “Me and your mother have decided we are not going to invest any more money in your films, sorry. Please put the trestle table back in the basement” Dad left the room. “What do you want for dinner Johnny?” “I’m not hungry” he’d have to look for some new investors


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