Thursday, 2 June 2016


You know it’s time to leave your job when you are regularly having to redraft e-mails as they all start “dear unreliable scum”. There was a time where I’d happily put an acts transgression down as the foible of someone with a creative mind but after 15 years as a comedy promoter it’s clear that these are not foibles but depraved attention seeking acts of psychopaths and the novelty has worn off.I got into live comedy to provide a platform for under supported acts and get pussy* not babysit the mentally ill.

It is with great sadness that I am announcing my retirement from live promotion. Never again will an act have to send an e-mail asking me why they haven’t been paid. Never again will acts set off from their hovel with the knowledge that regardless of the lack of an audience at the gig they are heading to it will be going ahead. Never again will they have to gig for Harry Deansway.

After 15 years I’ve realized that perhaps if I’d put that time into my own career  as an artist I wouldn't find myself six months into the year just having done my 3rd gig. It’s time to adopt the attitude of the acts and start looking after number one, you don’t have Deansway to kick around anymore, as after the incredible line up (here) at the Camden Fringe in August I am retiring from live promotion forever, going out on a high. The last Shambles I’ll be promoting will be on June 9th (pop along) and there will be a one off retirement gig towards the end of September at a big venue, one last chance for me to not pay a load of acts and then I’m concentrating on stand up and film making full time. Which is great news for any comedy promoters - I’m the perfect act I know exactly what pleases a promoter, if I knew what pleased an audience I might even recommend booking me.

Don’t get me wrong I have loved being a comedy promoter and I’ve made some great friends (who will now longer need to speak to me as I don’t run a gig anymore), put on some great gigs and I believe that through the work I’ve done I leave the London circuit in a better state than what I found it in 15 years ago. Shambles will continue but I won’t be running it, it’s time to hand it over to someone younger and with a higher tolerance of self indulgent wankers. The lucky person is Zoe Waterman, she’s got a great eye for talent, know’s what’s funny and is already not replying to my e-mails about me performing at Shambles.

Thanks for all the laughs, stress related hair loss and debt guys. Keep supporting live comedy.


*Joking, we all know I was only in this for some sweet puss puss and not providing a platform for under supported acts.


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