03rd House Of Idiot (7:30pm, Market House Brixton)
04th Bill Callahan Support (Hoxton Hall)
05th Bill Callahan Support (Hoxton Hall)
06th Bill Callahan Support (Hoxton Hall)
07th Bill Callahan Support (Hoxton Hall)

03rd RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
04th Pinata (7:30pm  The Montague, Peckham)
05th Secret Variety (7:30 Aces And Eights)
10th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
12th Jester Jesters (7:30 Oak And Pastor)
13th Shambles (7:30 Aces And Eights)
17th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
18th This Is Not A Cult (7:30 Camden Comedy Club)
19th Charmy Swine (7:30 Aces And Eights)
24th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
25th Oh Boy Comedy (7:30 The Rose And Crown)
25th Tuesday Chuckles (7:30 Aces And Eights)
28th Lost Cabaret ( 7:30 The Priory Arms)

02nd Shambles (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
06th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
13th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
15th Charmy Swine  (7:30pm Aces And Eights)  
20th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)

06th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
09th Shambles (7:30pm Aces And Eights) 
15th Charmy Swine with Brian Gittins (7:30pm Aces And Eights) 
20th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
27th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)

30th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)

03rd Hello Comedy (7:30pm Brockley Deli)
05th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
08th Shambles (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
12th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
15th Gittins To Know You (7:30pm Sticky Mikes, Brighton)
17th Nick Helms Xmas Fuck-Fest (8:30pm Pleasance Islington)
31st Hampstead Comedy Club (9:00pm Aces And Eights)

07th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
14th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
17th Monkey Business (7:30 Camden Eye, Camden)
18th Birdies (7:30 The Savoy Tup, The Strand)
21st RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
22nd Cirque (7:30 Cirque, Old Street)
21st RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
30th Sadwave (7:30 The Rose And Crown)

03rd RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights) 
08th Harry Deansway Live At Monkey Business (6:30PM The Holiday Inn Camden )
11th Comedy Grotto (7:30pm Variety Of Kings)
13th Shambles (7:30pm Aces And Eights) 
21st Shelter Benefit (7:30pm Theatre Utopia, Croydon)
22nd Hampstead Comedy (7:30pm Camden Comedy Club)
24th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
24th Cockney Comedy (8:00pm Victoria Pub, Mile End)
27th Shambles (7:30pm Aces And Eights) 
28th Lost Cabaret (7:30pm The Priory Arms, Stockwell)
29th Halloween Gig (7:30pm Effra Social, Brixton) 
31st RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)


19th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
21st Variety Of Kings (8PM The Star Of Kings
22nd Big Nose Comedy (8PM The Boogaloo)
23rd DVD Warm Up (7:30PM Secret Location)
24th Harry Deansway Live At Monkey Business (6:30PM The Holiday Inn Camden )
26th RATS (7:30pm Aces And Eights)
29th Shambles (7:30pm Aces And Eights)


02nd Two Many Geniuses (10:30pm Camden Comedy Club)
15th An Audience With Harry Deansway FT Brett Domino (9pm Aces And Eights) 
16th An Audience With Harry Deansway FT Brett Domino  (9pm Aces And Eights) 

JULY 2015

09th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP (Aces And Eights with Sean Mcloughlin)
15th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP (The Harrison With In Cahoots)
21st Audience With Harry Deansway WIP ( Stokey Stop)

JUNE 2015 

04th Shambles web-series première 
10th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP (Oak And Pastor with Pat Cahill)
11th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP (Aces And Eights With Mae Martin)

MAY 2015 

04th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP/ (Betsey Trotwood)
21st Hooray Cabaret (Paper Dress vintage)

APRIL 2015

02nd Shambles (Aces And Eights)
04th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP
09th Joking Aside (Hysteria)
10th Lost Cabaret
13th Jester Jesters (Betsey Trotwood)
14th Cirque 15th Spectacular Spectrum (Star Of Kings)
28th Shambles Podcast (Proud Archivist)

MARCH 2015 

5th Shambles (Aces And Eights)
6th Artburst Charity Night 
17th Once In Our Terrible Lives (Camden Comedy Club)
23rd Nice N Spiky (The Regent)
24th Museum Showoff (The Slaughtered Lamb) tickets
25th Comedians Cinema Club (Aces And Eights)


20th Lost Cabaret 
27th Audience With Harry Deansway WIP/ (Betsey Trotwood) FB Event